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Life of Agony - Tangerine

Funnel down straight through the clouds
Like an ever flowing stream
Like an ever flowing steam
Take a bite of the fruit of life

Cause the fruit of life is sweet
Cause the fruit of life is sweet

You're my tangerine

Let the spirits speak through me
Ecstasy and energy
Let it come your wildest dreams
A full bloom's glow melts the winter's freeze
New day, stressless without disease

Would you be my tangerine?

You're my tangerine

I can't stop searching for more and more...

Still hung over from the night before
Cosmic hunger, I'm your fruitful whore
Soul sun searching, let your spirit soar
Still hung over from the night before

You're my tangerine...

life of agony tangerine

On March 19 2018 at Flores, Distrito Federal, Argentina 14 Views

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Detodo_lo_mejor On 20/03/2018


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The_rumic_world On 19/03/2018


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Diego_prosperi On 19/03/2018


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