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    Group fotolog, please post photos of cameras, new or old. Any picture that shows more than the camera itself WILL BE deleted.Please DO NOT post pictures that are NOT YOURS or that are COPYRIGHTED, they will be DELETED.( ex: pictures that you got at the manufactor`s sites, stores, test sites,etc ). Photos posted with intention of purchase and/or sell will be extinguished. /cameras DO NOT accepted this type of transaction. Post it in a site like eBay, Mercado Livre, etc

  • Lipebusbrasil

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    Mostrar todas fotos que se refere a ônibus

  • All_editeed

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    Blends , Fotos editadas .

  • Zings_babas

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  • Chicas_vr_chicos

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    Este grupo está dedicado para qe subas tus fotos y conocer gente de todo el mundo del fotolog. [email protected]

  • Ppeecceess

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    Fotolog creado para subir fotos de Publicidad:D!, ya sea de tus blends etc...

  • The_1_f_stop_cam

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    Anything and everything pertaining 3D photography, holograms, stereoscope photography, fish-eye lens, wide-angle lens, tilt/shift lens, macro lens, pin-hole techniques, filters of all sort in general. Mostly 3D photography and stereoscopes, special effect lenses, filter of all type, sorts and makes. . i3D software can be downloaded, and it is free, does not cost a pretty penny. . i3D Photo - Download . i3D Photo Help

  • Barri0_kn0rte

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    SI SOS DE KENNEDY NORTE O SUR O DE SAN MARKOSSUBI UNA FOTO AKA este grupo se trata sobreu barrio kennedy norte en este grupo soo se vn a subir fotos relacionada sobre el barrio o sobre los chikos de kennedy norte..oe algunos otros barrios ..par va a estr masrelacionada en el grupo kennedy norte

  • Your_own_banner

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    Grupo fotolog creado para subir tus diferentes banners creados con distintos programas como photoshop o photoscape, sube tus banners y diviertete conociendo diferentes editaciones! Medida del banner: 910 px de ancho por 100 px de alto

  • 1_love_4_2

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