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Now my world's a deeper blue, I'm sadder but I'm wiser too.

– Love can be a many splendored thing, can't deny the joy it brings, a dozen roses, diamond rings, dreams for sale and fairy tales. It'll make you hear a symphony and you just want the world to see but like a drug that makes you blind it'll fool ya every time. The trouble with love isIt can tear you up inside, make your heart believe a lie, it's stronger than your pride. The trouble with love is, it doesn't care how fast you fall and you can't refuse the call, see you've got no say at all. Every time I turn around I think I've got it all figured out. My heart keep callin' and I keep on fallin', over and over again. The sad story always ends the same, me standin' in the pourin' rain. It seems no matter what I do, it tears my heart in two (...)

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On October 22 2016 at Minas Gerais, Brazil 115 Views

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